Did you know that (if well done) remarketing can increase your ROI by 131%? Join us live and learn...

How to drive strong business growth through audience-based marketing campaigns  

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Michael Serrazanetti - Sales Manager @ LeadsBridge

Dario Villi - Growth Hacker @ LeadsBridge

Gabriel Tontini - Chief Marketing Officer @ LeadsBridge

Join this training and learn:

How to leverage Facebook and Google to create retargeting campaigns that constantly generate positive ROAS, spending up to 44% less

Are your campaigns really AUTOMATED? Learn how to keep your audiences always updated, so you can easily scale your ads (and grow your sales)

Is website retargeting dead? Learn how to show your ads to the right people, when they are ready to buy (even if conversions happen offline)

Discover the one single automation needed to leverage your CRM data and transform more leads into customers, and customers into frequent buyers

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